Chele Henna Moon Bellingham WA

My name is Chele Eva Armstrong. That is “A ‘C’ Chele as in ‘MeChele’ not an ‘S’ shell as in ‘Seashell’.

I fell in love with Henna in 2006 and it soon became an obsession. After hennaing everyone and anything it was suggested I apply to be a vendor at the Saturday Bellingham Farmer’s market and I have been a member now since 2008. Partnering with other Whatcom County Henna artists,  we now vend every year at the Fairhaven Festival and The Bellingham Highland Games. This year we are adding The Fairhaven Steam Punk Festival and Commercial Night Market.

Through vending, corporate events and private parties, I get to meet and get to know so many wonderful people in this community and I have been able to participate in many local projects involving Henna. Including a chance to Henna the cast for a WWU production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. I used Henna to enhance a graduation project for a local student at Toni and Guy. I was blessed to be on the cover of the spring 2010 issue of WWU’s Klipsun magazine. I am also the artist responsible for the sidewalk art outside Presence Studio on Cornwall.

I have been to several conventions, classes and Henna meetups where I discovered my love of Moroccan Henna design, which is now my specialty. I also take elements from Indian, Arabic, and my love of all things celestial and alchemical to create my own fusion designs. My newest and most satisfying challenge has been what I call ‘tiny Moroccans’ usually done on children between the ages of 6 and 10.

I feel beautiful and exotic when I wear it. I use the symbolism of the Henna designs to set intentions, enrich, remind and teach. I enjoy helping others discover their special symbolism. I mix Henna ceremoniously. I capitalize the word ‘Henna’ as I do the word ‘Earth’ for I feel both are sacred.

While I will always feel there is more and more to learn about Henna, its traditions and design. I am so thankful there are so many around that allow me to learn from them and to practice upon them. Henna has truly blessed my life and I consciously apply Henna to others in hopes of passing that blessing on. If you are interested in having Henna done, just call or send an email so we can connect. Henna is best done in the comfort of your home but if you would be interested in meeting somewhere we can arrange anything. I look forward to pampering you.

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