Please find some information for frequently asked questions.  If you still are seeking answers or are ready to book your henna session or party please contact us here.

Henna or Lawsonia inermis, is known by may names throughout the world.

The name henna also refers to the dye prepared from the plant and the art of temporary body art (staining) based on those dyes. Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool and leather. Natural safe Henna is NEVER black. Black Henna is dangerous. If you are unsure ask the artist what ingredients are used to make the paste. Typical Henna paste is made with Henna powder, lemon juice and essential oils.

Historically, henna was used for cosmetic purposes primarily in Ancient India. It was also found to be used in the Arabian Peninsula, Morocco, South Asia, Carthage and other parts of North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Bridal henna nights remain an important custom in many of these areas, particularly among traditional families. (Edited text from Wikipedia)

Henna lasts longer if you take care of it both while it drying after application (about 10-15 minutes), leaving the dried paste on the skin as long as possible (4-6 hours minimum) and during the first 24 hours after paste removal. Swimming and sun make a difference. Please see my Henna Care page for more info.
Not if it is made with quality natural ingredients. Henna is never black neither does it burn if it is made properly. I at Henna Moon and  my Whatcom County partners make Henna paste using only organic and other all natural ingredients.
Yes henna is safe for most people with allergies. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, I can provide you with an ingredients list. My partners and I use only safe natural Henna and ingredients. Never be shy about asking what is in the artists cone. Please contact us with your questions or concerns.


Private parties, corporate events, Blessingways, birthday parties, if you can create it we want to provide Henna for it!

I and my Whatcom County Partners have a flat rate of $80 per hour per artist.

A $25 deposit is requested to hold your date, the deposit will be credited toward your final bill.

There is a $25 additional fee for travel more than 20 miles from our homes. Contact me and I will help you find a Henna artist that is in your area to fulfill your needs.

Excellent choice! Henna makes an easy way to add to any celebration. We need to get in contact to schedule. It is helpful if you know the answers to the following: 1) When? 2) Where? 3) How many? Age range? 4) Ideas for designs or artist decides? 5) What type of space & lighting is there? Please contact me my phone or email so we can discuss your special event.
Yes! I sell quality premixed Henna paste, Henna powder and glitters. My online store is coming soon. Please contact me directly for sales. Please allow lead time of a few days on mixed paste as it takes time to prepare and I want you to have the freshest Henna possible.
Henna is safe for ages 5 and up. Any younger and they could get it in their eye or on everything and may not be able to sit still for application. We do apply henna for many children and they love it. I can provide simpler designs for little ones.