Henna After Care

To ensure you get the best possible stain from your henna application, please read these tips carefully.  A printable version is available here.  Henna Moon Henna After Care Sheet.

How you take care of your henna in the first 24 hours can affect the darkness and longevity of your design.

LEAVE PASTE ON : for as long as you possibly can. Preferably overnight 4-6 hrs minimum.

WRAP: To protect your paste, (and sheets!) while sleeping you can either wrap your hand gently in toilet tissue and tape shut or wear a thin sock or glove. Do not use plastic.

DO NOT USE SOAP: After paste removal and for 24 hours do not allow soap to touch your stain. Do not scrub with abrasive products or exfoliates, do not come in contact with bleach or other cleansers. Flake paste off with a dry towel then wash with olive oil. Avoid water if at all possible. No water is best.

PROTECT: You can extend the life of your design by frequent applications of olive oil, balm or Tiger Balm. Be cautious of moisturizing products with exfoliates or acids as they may fade your design. Tiger balm is great right after paste removal. Whenever showering or entering a chlorinated pool, apply Vaseline or balm to protect your design.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Natural safe Henna is NEVER BLACK. Henna Moon Always uses safe natural ingredients. Remember that everyone stains differently depending on their chemistry. After paste removal your design should be a bright orange that will deepen over 72 hours to a dark shade of brown. As your design ages it will fade, removed by exfoliation. It stains the skin, hair and nails permanently. Skin cells are exfoliated off. Nails and hair must grow out.

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them.  Henna by Appointment 360-920-7516