Henna is lucky, healing and magical for the wearer. I have used Henna to assist people on changing their thoughts about a subject, calming someone’s nerves or using a specific symbol as a reminder to the wearer to, for example, to treat themselves kindly or remember someone special. Painting symbols on the body infuses the wearer with its meaning.

During the full moon we ask ourselves to release that ‘which does not serve’. As the moon wanes so does the object/situation/habit you wish to release. The full moon also intensifies our intentions. The full moon is a fertile time for visualization, a time to do divination, or bless our homes and bodies for protection.

Henna is a fantastic way to help focus energy. If you choose to get a Henna design this weekend, consider a design that will take advantage of the energies of the current phase of the moon. Create a design to help you focus what you wish to release and what you wish to take its place, for the universe abhors a vacuum. You can select a design to remind you that “as it fades so does ________”. Combine symbols together for more meaning.   For a list of designs and their meanings see my News Post here.